B6 – Art Experience – Vlogging

In my video I was going for a travel log diary type of video. I’m not a big fan of blogs so me speaking in a video and saying what I’m actually doing doesn’t seem normal for me. At first, while creating my video I did put a little of my voice but while editing it I didn’t like how it went into my video. I really didn’t like the whole sound and the way it flowed. With the video that I uploaded I am very happy with it.

I did accomplish what I was going for but I am not so sure if I did the assignment correctly. I finished my video during spring break and knew I needed to make a video. However, I didn’t read the requirements thoroughly. I’m not so sure if my video is okay since it doesn’t involve me speaking.

What I would do differently is actually add my voice and a little snippet of myself in it. I like to take photos and little videos but my family doesn’t, so it would be hard for me to get actual footage of myself.

Personally, I would do this again since I had fun making the video. It was kinda stressful putting all the footage together and making it work frame by frame. None the less, I loved this assignment! 


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