C1- Art & (my) Life

Signing up for my classes, I knew I wanted to take an art class. Intro to Visual Arts, sounded very straight forward; it was a right choice.

In the beginning of the semester I was ecstatic to be taking an art class. I had high expectations for this class. I though I would be drawing or painting every class period, working on projects that would take a lot of time and dedications. However, on my first day of class I was met by my teacher who seemed very relaxed and worry free. I believe he gave us a lecture about what art is. I was taken aback at his style of teacher. He didn’t teach in a traditional manner. Yes, there were lectures, but the context wasn’t something that can be taught in a book. It was more fluid in a sense that the teacher asked debatable, opinionated questions that vary from one person to another. I would almost to never raise my hand during class, but would think about his question. This class helped me to critically think about topics I normally don’t question.

Furthermore, through my multiple of artist conversation write up, I have learned to not take art for granted. Art presented in museums or presented on the side of the street have a meaning behind it. I used to think, “Oh! Look that pretty,” or if I didn’t like I would just walk away and forget about it. Every piece of art has a personal meaning to the artist. It can show their experience, personality or an underlying message they want their audience to see. Talking to the artists gave me a sense of that. If I didn’t talk to them personally, I wouldn’t have learned what their art truly meant. For instance, I met a photographer who dripped assault onto her pictures for a 3D effect. I thought it was really cool. To her, she wasn’t to showcase how the environment is negatively changing and we must do something to change it. She wanted people to become aware of how our surroundings are changing right under our eyes and we simply do not notice it. I learned to have a great time observing other peoples artworks. It made me think about what it was trying to tell me. I started analyzing them more rather than taking a glimpse at it. 

In my future career I want to become a creative director. In order to get to this high position I must have experience in advertising and marketing. I believe that art can be used with my sketches, layouts or models that I will need to present to the company in order to get my ideas across. The best way to show my skills is through a visual aid. Speaking will confuse my audience. A diagram is what’s best. I plan to create designs and ads for companies, which means I must be proficient in programs such as indesign or adobe photoshop. I will need to be using my creative side a lot as I need to keep up with the high demand and changing market. 

Art 110 was a class I do not regret taking as it has taught me to see the bigger picture in all aspects of life. I didn’t realize you can look at anything and realize its art in its own way. 


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