B8 – Artist Conversation – Talïn Tanielian

On a small island, isolated from the world, lived a village. In between the mountains, a temple laid home to pandas. Living in peace with one another, it was a perfect environment. But one day, a fox appeared. The pandas took him in and treated him as their own.

As years past, the fox realized he wasn’t like them. His orange and black fur seemed different that the pandas black and white complexion. Filled with self-loss, the fox went out to search for his family.

Year after year, he walked through the forest looking for at least one person. It seemed as if all hope was lost. With nothing but himself and the quite whispers from the trees, he laid on the ground, silently crying himself to sleep.

The next day, he caught a glimpse of light. He saw visuals of orange and white, ones matching his fur. He walked into the light and was met with old village. Tears of joy dripped down on his face. The family he was looking for was standing right in front of him.


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