B5 – Art Experience – Graffiti

This assignment was a bit difficult for me. I always thought the idea of graffiti was cool but never got the chance to actually do it. In class we were told to go to Venice art walls but I didn’t have the time nor money to get an uber and travel there. Instead I went to home depot and bought two colors of spray paint and a packaging box I used as my canvas.

Graffiti, at first, did seem simple to me as it was just putting down paint onto a canvas. However, I found it difficult to use the nozzle. I couldn’t control the size of what I wanted my lines to be.

The piece I made is a part of my name in white with a beige outline. I didn’t want to write my whole name because I though the “S’s” look weird. I kept it simply to “Aly.D.” It was very difficult to make the piece exactly how I wanted due to the nozzle size. I wanted the outline to be a little thinner but I didn’t know how to do so. I first spray painted the inside of the letters then worked my way outside. When I grabbed the second color I didn’t realize how the colors will mix into each other because my white paint wasn’t dry. Also, I added too much paint and it started dripping. I then waited a couple minutes for it to try and tried to fix it up. In my attempt to make graffiti art it didn’t work out so well in my opinion.

Compared to other graffiti pieces I know my piece isn’t great but it is a great first start. Perhaps if I had a bigger canvas I would have done better. With graffiti I had to work quickly because if I didn’t the paint will layer on top of each other and will be much more difficult to dry. Overall, my experience was great as I was trying something new for the first time. I would do this again as I know better on how to use the nozzle on the can.


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